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Total Driving School Management contains numerous features that can help driving schools run their business more efficiently.

One great advantage our software offers is its scalability and flexibility for data management. Some schools use several different software packages to run their business, but with our software you will be able to manage the most important aspects of your business using a single software.

How Our Software Works
Total Driving School Management offers completely Web-based data management. As shown in the image below, driving school owners, instructors, customer support staff, students, and parents can all access the program using the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep our software and each school's database on servers located behind a secure firewall in a data center. Learn more about our servers, security measures, and online payment processing features.

Below is a partial list of our features and functionalities.
Integrated Online Enrollment
Our software can enable your school to take student enrollments directly from your Web site. All information is saved directly into your database. We can also have ability to process credit cards on your behalf, where funds go directly into your account. This feature does require your school to have a merchant account. With our integrated credit card processing feature we can fully automate online enrollment.
Instructor and Student Availability: Double-Booking Proof
Graphically displayed availability will enable you to make the best decisions about which instructors and which vehicle to use for driver education. You will also be able to enter student availability, if you wish. Having student availability entered prior to scheduling helps further streamline the scheduling process.
Student Information
Maintain accurate student information. Easily add or edit student information that is accessible to you whenever it is needed. With a single click you can find out all information about that student: personal information, balance owed, how many in-car lessons are outstanding, and much more. Its all within your reach.
Student Search
This capability enables you to search your specific database for students (both present and past). By entering names, account type, or other criteria, you can easily access student information.
Staff Individual Accounts
Create and manage individual accounts for office staff and instructors. Their personal information, schedules, hours worked, and much more. Its all there.
User Access Rights
This feature lets you control which features staff may use. As part of our software setup, you can create user groups and assign specific rights to those groups (i.e., instructors may only view schedules but not modify them).
Staff Vacations, Sick Days, Time Off
Keep up with your vacations, days off, and working hours. You will be able to enter working hours into the Scheduler and instructors' availability will be based on the hours entered.
Vehicle Availability and Information Management
Each of your vehicles can have an account through which you track vehicle availability and status. A single click can make your vehicle unavailable if repairs are needed. Each vehicle can be assigned to specific office locations.
Multi-Office Location
More than one location? No problem. Our software is fully scalable and can easily handle multiple locations. So as your business grows so does our software.
Information Access
Because our program is 100% Web-based, you and your staff have access to information from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students, parents and instructors are able to login into his/her account and view their schedules, schedule, print, pay outstanding balances, or do just about anything you want them to do.

Schedules, classes and account information for students is accessible anytime anyplace 24/7. So if a student need to know whether an in-car lesson is scheduled for tomorrow morning they can login at anytime to check that. Its that simple.
Customization and Branding
Driving School Software can be fully customized. If you need features that are not part of our standard package, we can customize the software to meet your specific needs. Anything from online enrollment and student portal branding, to custom reports or just abut anything that can help automate your business process and eliminate business process inefficiency.
E-mail Notifications and Reminders: To Instructor, Student and Parent
Our advanced automatic e-mail notification system will eliminate countless hours of calling and confirming appointments with teens and adults. Pur software can automatically send email notifications and reminders to students, their parents, and your staff. Emails can include anything from scheduled in car lessons, class sessions, applied payments and purchases, custom on demand emails sent to single student or group of students, and much more. Let our software do the work for you.
Security: Passwords, Encryption, Data Backup
In addition to our rigorous physical security, your data is protected through password-protected access and the latest 128 Bit SSL Encryption. As part of our service, we also perform daily backups of all data. Data can also be e-mailed to you and/or be made available for download.
Disaster Proof
Your data is safely saved and accessible, even if your office location experiences natural or man- made disasters. If your office is closed or damaged, your data is still safe and secure. We also have in plate daily data backup and recovery features that ensure that your data is safely stored and available anytime. Our state-of-the-art software and infrastructure contains several redundancies that will ensure security, availability and performance.
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