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We have received APPROVAL from the RMV Technology team on the Phase 1 of RMV / Driving School Software integration and we are ready for March 26 launch. We have held several webinars with our existing clients and the receiption of our process and how our system will work with RMV was well received.

We are ready for the coming launch and we still work hand in hand with our clients and RMV to ensure that our software will be fully COMPATIBLE with RMV/ATLAS system.

As the ONLY software provider that traveled to Mass, and took time and effort to learn about the upcoming changes, we have gained a great deal of understanding on how this process will play out. It also shows that as the leading driving school management software WE CARE about the changes and challenges our customers face when states change their rules and regulations.

Instead of manually entering one student at time, our software is capable of compiling the list of all students, their lesons, driver ed class and parent class attendance, and more and upload it into the RMV admin console. This will save you ton of admin work and countless hours.

As you probably know the RMV is rolling out the new rules that will require all driving schools in Massachusets to send electronically all student information, their completed lessons, classroom sessions, and parent class information. The new rules are to take effect by March 26, 2018.

Our driving school management system is capable of capturing all information that is needed and required by the RMV.

We are also working on the method of generating of the RMV custom reports that will enable our clients to upload the student and other information into the new RMV database.

Instead of sending one student at time, and endlessly typing information you will be able to simply upload the information, saving your staff hours of work. Our team member will be visiting the upcoming meeting on February 8th and 9th and will show the working report and function of the RMV report.

We are fully aware of the potential impact that this new process will have on your business and efforts needed to fulfill RMV requirements, and we will ensure that this is done in the least painful way posible.

Below is a partial list of our features and functionalities:
Transfer students from existing software for FREE !
If you already use a software to manage your driving school, we can help you transition for free. There is no cost for transfer of exisiting or past student data. All Schedule2Drive or Drivers Ed Solutions customer can easily transition over to Driving School Software without any cost for the past students, and yet they will gain new capabilities and functionalities currently not present with our competitiors.
Student Enrollment
Our software will enable your school to take student enrollments directly from your Web site. All information is saved directly into your database. We can also have ability to process credit cards on your behalf, where funds go directly into your account. This feature does require your school to have a merchant account. With our integrated credit card processing feature we can fully automate online enrollment.
Student Classroom enrollment and Attendance
Our software tracks all of the student attendance, makeups. We have a detailed record of when student took clasroom, location, dates and times, and which instructor thaught which session. This information would be available to RMV without any extra data entry, aside from marking the student attendance.
Parent Class
Parents are required to take Parent class. We can help there as well. Let your parents enroll and select the parent class, and we will track this information for you. No more separate attendance pieces of papaer. With a click of a button you can see where and when parent has attended the Parent Class.
Student Information
Maintain accurate student information. Easily add or edit student information that is accessible to you whenever it is needed. With a single click you can find out all information about that student: personal information, balance owed, how many in-car lessons are outstanding, and much more. Its all within your reach.
Student Payments
Our software tracks all of the students payment and financial transaction including refunds. Whether you have received payment via credit card, check or cash we track it all automatically.
Student In Car Scheduling and Student Self Scheduling
Student in-car scheduling is sometimes the most daunting task. With our software you can schedule students, or let student schedule themselfes. Whatever works for you the best.
User Access Rights
This feature lets you control which features staff may use. As part of our software setup, you can create user groups and assign specific rights to those groups (i.e., instructors may only view schedules but not modify them).
Information Access
Because our program is 100% Web-based, you and your staff have access to information from any computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students, parents and instructors are able to login into his/her account and view their schedules, schedule, print, pay outstanding balances, or do just about anything you want them to do.

Schedules, classes and account information for students is accessible anytime anyplace 24/7. So if a student need to know whether an in-car lesson is scheduled for tomorrow morning they can login at anytime to check that. Its that simple.
Customization and Branding
Driving School Software can be fully customized. If you need features that are not part of our standard package, we can customize the software to meet your specific needs. Anything from online enrollment and student portal branding, to custom reports or just abut anything that can help automate your business process and eliminate business process inefficiency.
E-mail and Text Notifications and Reminders: To Instructor, Student and Parent
Our advanced automatic e-mail and text message notification system will eliminate countless hours of calling and confirming appointments with teens and adults. Our software can automatically send email notifications and reminders to students, their parents, and your staff. Emails can include anything from scheduled in car lessons, class sessions, applied payments and purchases, custom on demand emails sent to single student or group of students, and much more. Let our software do the work for you.
Security: Passwords, Encryption, Data Backup
In addition to our rigorous physical security, your data is protected through password-protected access and the latest 1028 Bit SSL Encryption. As part of our service, we also perform daily backups of all data. Data can also be made available for download.
Disaster Proof
Your data is safely saved and accessible, even if your office location experiences natural or man- made disasters. If your office is closed or damaged, your data is still safe and secure. We also have in plate daily data backup and recovery features that ensure that your data is safely stored and available anytime. Our state-of-the-art software and infrastructure contains several redundancies that will ensure security, availability and performance.
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