Driving School Scheduling

Easy to Use Scheduler

You can simply drag and drop lessons and view daily and weekly schedules for Single or Multiple Instructors. Add instructor availability and time off with ease.

View All Staff

View all instructors schedules on a single screen. Easily book or reschedule lessons by simply dragging lessons from one staff to another. You can also see, student details, vehicle allocation and availability and more. It's all in one place.

Driving school scheduler
Driving school online booking

Online Booking

Our Online Student Booking solution is the most flexible and comprehensive on the market. No other software provider comes close to our capability and list of features. Students and parents can view and book lessons from any device any time. Dramatically reducing phone calls and strain on the office staff.


Our proprietary Late-Cancel-Booking algorithm is an amazing feature that will notify students and parents of last minute open slots. When a student late cancels the lesson, our system compiles the list of eligible students and automatically notifies them or their parents via email or text. They can book the open slot immediately from their phone. This feature will increase your school's productivity, efficiency and revenue. No more wait lists and phone calls.

Driving school scheduler
Driving school online booking

Eliminate Double Booking

Our software will prevent you or your team members from double booking staff or vehicles. All of your staff or vehicle availability is visible with a click of a button. With a glance check the availability of your team members and schedule them with confidence.

Class and Driving Lesson Reminders

Automate your school and let our software send automatic lesson and classroom session reminders via email or text. Calling students and parents takes a lot of time, effort and costs money. Sit back and focus on other things. Let us help you communicate better with your students and their parents.

Driving school scheduler
Driving school financial tracking

Financial Tracking

Our software offers complete tracking of students' financials. Everything from processing of credit cards, recording cash, checks and discounts. All in one place. Financial reports are also included and extremely flexible.

Mobile Payments

If students have open balance, they can log into their account and pay the open balance anytime. Their account will be automatically adjusted and you directly receive funds. No middle man. Super easy and convenient.

Driving school mobile payments
Driving School Payment Processing

Credit Card Processing

We have fully integrated our software with industry leaders in merchant account and credit card processing. This integration allows us to process your credit card transaction securely and safely with funds directly deposited into your account. We even have special pricing programs with some providers, to save you even more. To learn more click on one the links below or contact us for more detail:
Transnational (US) (US and Canada)
Moneris (Canada)
USAePay (US)

NextGen Framework

Student Profile

With custom set student profile you will be able to track all important information related to each student. Anything from student contact information, permit and license information to notes and account to-dos. All in one place.

All In One Place

All of the student information is available at a glance. Anything from billing, appointments and notes. Days of digging for paper and looking for information are over.

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NextGen Framework

Record All Important Information

Our customized solution will enable you to track any information, that either your business process or your state requires. Just let our staff know and we will take care of it for you. We want to let you and your staff have a single place where all information is stored and accessed.

Mobile Enrollment

Mobile Enrollment

60-70% of all student enrollments are done from a mobile device. Primarily smartphone. Our fully mobile friendly online enrollment will ensure that your student or parents can enroll into your program anytime anyplace from any device.

24/7 Student Center

Mobile friendly and branded Student Center will allow both students and parents to access their account securely 24/7 from any device. Student Center has a capability of allowing them to schedule lessons, pay outstanding balance or purchase additional lessons and more. Great way to access information in real-time.

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Driving school instructor access

Instructor Access

Our unique capability allows your teaching staff to access their lessons and schedule real-time from any device, anytime. They can also record in-car evaluation and student report cards that are sent to parents and student via email right after lesson completion.

Driving School FREE Mobile Friendly Website

FREE Mobile Website

If you already have a website and are happy with it you can keep it. But if you would like to refresh and modernize your website we can help you. And its FREE ! Along with hosting and emails. All included with our service.

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SSL Security Certificate

As a policy we require that all of our websites have an SSL certificate that ensures the protection and security of your website. This will provide your potential customer assurance that their information is protected and that you take data security seriously. We will install and maintain the certificate.

Driving School Website Design
Driving School Website Design

Proven Track Record

Our website designs and layouts have proven track record of usability and are designed for point of sale. What is the point of having a great website if your customers cannot enroll for your service? Let our team take care of this for you. To see some samples of our work click here.

Driving School Data Security

Data Security

Our data is stored inside the Microsoft Azure™ Data Center which provides World Class 99.95% uptime, automatic data backups and State-of-The-Art security. With geographical redundancy we ensure that our solution is always available. Our security posture sets us apart from any other driving school management provider because we take security, and availability seriously.

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS is The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and we adhere to those standards and perform annual assesment that ensures that our solution follows the latest industry standards. Not all software providers do this, but we think it's extremely important.

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NextGen Framework

Staff User Rigths

Just like other businesses, you may want to restrict the access to some of your employees to certain information or features. Our extensive user rights features enables you to set what kind of user access your employees have and what information or function they can perform.

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